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p  a  c k a g i n g (click on the image to enlarge it)

Fragrance aromatic Rice  1kg -  2.2lb vacuum packed
1kg -  2.2lb Fragrance aromatic Rice vacuum packed

0.5kg -  1.1lb Apollo Aromatic Rice vacuum packed
0.5kg -  1.1lb Apollo aromatic Rice vacuum packed

Thai Aromatic Rice  1kg - 2.2lb transparent package
1kg - 2.2lb Fragrance aromatic Rice  transparent package

2kg -  4.4lb Fragrance aromatic Rice in white woven non woven package
2kg -  4.4lb Fragrance aromatic Rice in white woven non woven package

FRAGRANCE aromatic R i c e

Thai Aromatic is a crystal Rice, variety INDICA, boiled in just 10 minutes with a little salt water.
Excellent as the first dish, if it be eaten only boiled and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano cheese.
It comes from Asian Continent, naturally AROMATIC, it is a variety whose fragrance feels already in cultivation field.
During cooking emanates an aroma of bread just cooked. The starch of this rice is very noble, highly digestible and much appreciated in sports diets.

Rice is devoid of preservative agents, store in a cool, dry place before and after the opening of pack.

COOKING TIME:  10/11 minutes

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<- 1kg/2.2lb transparent package

<- 1kg/2.2lb vacuum packed
<- 2kg/4.4lb vacuum packed (only on demand)  
<- 5kg/11lb vacuum packed (only on demand)  

<- 1kg/2.2lb Traditional cotton package (only on demand)
<- 2kg/4.4lb Traditional cotton package (only on demand)
<- 2.5kg/5.5lb Traditional cotton package (only on demand)
<- 5kg/11lb Traditional cotton package (only on demand)

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Thai Aromatic Rice

peeled husked U.M. 
Proteins 7.50 5.91 g/100g
Fats 2.10 0.20 g/100g
Glucids 84.10 91.65 g/100g
Fiber 0.91 0.20 g/100g
Ashes 2.00 0.24 g/100g
Amilosio 19.14 19.14 g/100g
Glue level  high
Culinary utilisation  rice salads, boiled rice, pilaf rice, with vegetables...

We suggest You one RECIPE in order to value at best manner our product. For your comfort you can also download it on your PC, print and conserve it: click on the push-button “download this recipe” .

RERCIPE ->Fragrance Aromatic Rice salad with SAFFRON

Fragrance Aromatic RECIPE
INGREDIENTS: (for 6 people)
- 360 g Fragranace Aromatic Rice
- 200 g peas
- 1/2 red pepper
extravirgin olive oil
wine vinegar
saffron in powder
Worcester sauce
salt to taste
about 12 minutes
Boil the rice in hot salt water, for 15 minutes approximately.
- Five minutes before the end of baking, joined a small paper bag of saffron. - Strain off the rice and enlarge it to on a big plate to cool it quickly. - Boil the peas in hot water at the same time to the rice and strain off them. Chop the pepper in small cubes and few slices from the final decoration.
Collect in an only container the rice, the two vegetables prepared and stirr well.
- Flavored with the olive oil, the vinegar and some drop of Worcester sauce.
Garnish the plate, with the red pepper held before. Serve on the table.

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