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red Ermes rice flour

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0.5kg - 1.1lb red Rice Flour transparent  package
0.5kg - 1.1lb Red Ermes Rice Flour transparent  package

1kg - 2.2lb black Rice Flour triple zero 000 transparent  package
1kg - 2.2lb Red Ermes Rice Flour Flour transparent package

 2kg -  4.4lb Red Rice Flour in white woven non woven package
2kg -  4.4lb
Red Ermes Rice Flour in white woven non woven package

red rice flour
Red Ermes Rice Flour

Red Ermes rice  F l o u r

The Red Ermes rice flour    f l o u r   is natural product obtained by traditional stone grinding of black Venere broken rice resulting from milling process. It is a light and delicate grinding, at first instance, that originates a wholemeal mono-zero (0) flour.
The black Venere rice flour can be used in various culinary specialties:

  • In rice pasta (rice specialty 100% rice flour)
  • In fruit tarts
  • In biscuits (cookies)
  • In sweets, desserts and various cakes
  • In bread and pizza mixture  
  • In semolino 

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<- 0.5kg/1.1lb Transparent package 
<- 1kg/2.2lb Transparent package

Available now also 5kg - 11lb bag and 25kg - 55lb bag

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