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tondo rice

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1kg - 2.2lb Tondo Originario  rice vacuum  packed
1kg - 2.2lb Ground Originario rice vacuum  packed

1kg - 2.2lb Tindo Originario rice traditional cotton  package
1kg - 2.2lb Ground Originario rice traditional cotton  package

2kg -  4.4lb Tondo Originario Rice in white woven non woven package
2kg -  4.4lb Ground Originario Rice in white woven non woven package

2kg - 4.4lb Tondo Originario   rice traditional cotton  package
2kg - 4.4lb Ground Originario  rice traditional cotton  package

5kg - 11lb Tondo Originario   rice traditional cotton  package
5kg - 11lb Ground Originario  rice traditional cotton  package

O R I G I N A R I O  GROUND R i c e

Ground Originario is a cultivar of old constitution with small and round grains, pearl and crystal. Until the birth of Carnaroli rice (1945) it was the classic rice used for risotto, but for its starch and other organoleptic characteristicsis, now, it is well adapted in the preparation of soups and wonderful rice desserts...

Superbs are ice cream or mousse of Ground Originario, that are becoming very trendy dishes in the most popular restaurants.

This variety of CRESPIRISO follows a selected production process to exalte at the maximum level its large and interesting culinary skills.
Rice is devoid of preservative agents, store in a cool, dry place before and after the opening of pack.

COOCKING TIME: 15-16 minutes

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<- 1kg/2.2lb Traditional cotton package 
<- 2kg/4.4lb Traditional cotton package 
<- 2.5kg/5.5lb Traditional cotton package
<- 5kg/11lb Traditional cotton package 

<- 1kg/2.2lb vacuum packed
<- 2kg/4.4lb vacuum packed
<- 5kg/11lb vacuum packed

COOCKING TIME: 12-14 minutes

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We suggest You one RECIPE in order to value at best manner our product. For your comfort you can also download it on your PC, print and conserve it: click on the push-button “download this recipe” .


Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that consists of preparing the rice to accompany the raw fish with sauces, vegetables, eggs and Japanese seaweed.
We will see how to prepare the classic Hosomaki, the simpliest Sushi; it consists of rice and nori seaweed rolled with a single ingredient, however, that could be chosen from fish (tuna or salmon ...) or vegetables (avocado, carrot, cucumber ...).


INGREDIENTS: (for 4 people)
- 350 g of rice native crespiriso
- 500 ml of water
- 400g of fresh fish or fresh vegetables (blanched carrots) to do the Hosomaki
with fish or vegetables.
- 80 ml of rice vinegar
- 35 g caster sugar
- 3g salt iodized
- 1 sheet of toasted nori
- 1 piece of Kombu seaweed
- Wasabi paste to taste (Japanese green horseradish)
- bamboo little mat for sushi roll or one aluminum foil

12/14 minutes


- Preparing the rice: Place the rice in a sieve with sufficiently tight meshes over a container and wash it with cold tap water several times until the water will be clear.
- Place the rice in a pan covering it with 0.5l of water (the rice should be covered with a veil of water).
- Add the whole Kombu seaweed.
- Turn on the heat under the pan and heat over high heat until the water will boil, lower the heat, now always keeping the boiling water for about 10 minutes, when the rice is cooked, the water should have been absorbed throughout, eliminate kombu seaweed, turn off the heat and let it cool in the same pot.
- In another pan melt 35g of sugar in the rice vinegar with salt, you could heat slightly the vinegar to speed up the procedure of solution.
- Pour the rice vinegar, sugar and salt dissolved, over the rice already cooked and let it sit with the lid of the pot.
- Pour the rice in the “hangiri” previously moistened with water (or in an another container wood or glass made).
- Mix the rice gently with a wooden spoon flat.
- Hosomaki Preparation: Halve the sheet of nori seaweed and roll on the bamboo little mat (rough side up and smooth side towards the mat).
- Moist your hands with water and rice vinegar and spread a quantity of rice, prepared before, enough to cover all the seaweed uniformly to a height of half a centimeter, slightly compress the rice spread on the seaweed.
- Spread the Wasabi paste along the middle of rice willing the seaweed (just a small amount).
- Cut into strips of one centimeter width along nori seaweed lenght fish (salmon or tuna slaughtered in the freezer) or a blanched carrot or cucumbers or even avocado.
- Place a batten of carrot or fish along the middle of the rice in the seaweed.
- Roll the little bamboo mat or the aluminum foil containing the seaweed and rice in order to obtain a uniform cylinder in length.
- Remove the cylinder formed by the little mat and cut it into 6 cylinders of the same size using a sharp knife (the cut must be clean). - Place the Hosomaki to rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours with a film.
- Serve the Hosomaki with Wasabi and soy sauces with which it is dipped and eaten with chopsticks.

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