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traditional milling stone

T h e      T  r  a  d  i  t  i  o  n  a  l       R  i  c  e       P  r  o  c  e  s  s  i  n  g

Our company transforms paddy rice in edible "white rice" through
a process of

Bleaching carried out by a

S t o n e    s w i v e l,  that  turn quickly on itself, it

  bleaches the rice previously peeled (rice, devoid of

  Glumelle) greyish, removing aleuronic protection layer

 This is a traditional processing that recreates the

  Working methods of the first rice factory in 1900 ...
And it maintains unaltered the characteristics of rice.

Finally our is a  H i g h    c l a s s     product : elegant in the appearance; healthy and

  authentic in flavor, and once cooked, you will remember the taste of   Italian rice tradition.

Our Rice Processing is a craftsmanship of the grain, it preserve the Germ (embryo), the center of rice life, and very important part at nutritional level.

The rice milling we perform, is a mild abrasive treatment of the second degree which it maintains the properties of Rice.

traditional stone
The traditional bleaching Stone

                                                                                         The Bleaching Stone                                                                                                                                                                                
An interesting but also very important detail in the traditional CRESPIRISO rice processing is the maintenance of rice in special silos, in the aftermath of harvesting and until the bleaching happens. It is precisely here that caryopsis stabilizes its integrity and increases the starch capacity of agregate, and then it will be bleached and it will create the special fragrance typical of our product. All this happens in the widest respect of environment avoiding adds of chemistry agents, our silos have  modern cooling plants that maintain paddy always at a constant temperature and humidity; essential for the proper maintenance of the rice before the traditional  processing.   

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