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Arborio rice crespiriso 5Kg classic crespiriso cotton packaging

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Classic crespiriso cotton packaging.

From the name of a small municipality in the Vercelli area, back in 1946, through a cross between the Vialone and the Lady Wright, RISO Superfino Arbori o was born.

Arborio rice is among the most renowned and widespread Italian superfine rice, it has a very developed grain in surface and volume, which determines excellent cooking yields. This rice has a visibly pearly caryopsis (grain) in the centre, a part rich in starch which remains slightly firmer once cooked, while the outermost part softens, releasing starch and absorbing the seasoning, and holds up well to cooking.

Perfect risotto rice thanks to the large grain and the high quantity of amylose it contains: it creates creamy, well-creamed risottos. It is also suitable for the preparation of timbales and rice salads.

The rice is free of preservative agents, store in a cool, dry place before and after opening the package, Italian rice , not genetically modified.

COOKING TIME: 16-18 minutes