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Our history


Ours is a rice farm handed down from father to son since 1821.
CRESPIRISO is located in an area, the Novara area, where rice has a deep tradition and is considered the heart of Italian rice farming.

For six generations we have been producing our rice, grown in the traditional way and followed daily in the growth phases.

The processing takes place using traditional techniques, such as stone bleaching and finishing at room temperature to guarantee white rice that is always fresh and fragrant.

The product is stored inside silos in a completely natural way, without any chemical treatment, under constant temperature and humidity control.

Our rice processing takes place according to tradition:

- the paddy is worked little by little

- stone bleaching and finishing at room temperature to preserve intact the organoleptic qualities of our rice of high food prestige & rare gastronomic stylistic elegance.

The concept of elegance and ITALIAN STYLE is expressed in the cultivation and traditional processing of rice; in the services we offer to the customer and in the packages we create with passion and maximum quality.

Our rice is free of preservatives, keep in a cool, dry place before and after opening the package.