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Maize flour (maize) bramata yellow crespiriso 1kg vacuum-packed

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Transparent packaging, you can see the best of the product.

Corn flour

Our corn flour is very special because it starts from selected Rossi corn, transformed according to tradition with a stone mill; they are packaged with great care to give a truly fragrant product that recalls the country flavors of the past...

There are two types of CRESPIRISO corn flour:


This is the classic rustic flour, stone ground, of great tradition, it is ideal for the preparation of polenta. With the desired CRESPIRISO and a little imagination in the kitchen you can create fabulous dishes such as:

-polenta and stew

-polenta and guinea fowl

-polenta and braised meat

-polenta and wild boar

-Fried polenta

-polenta and gorgonzola

-polenta and toma from the valley

-polenta and hummingbirds

-Baked Polenta

-polenta and sausage

-polenta and angus

-polenta and milk

--->It should be remembered that CRESPIRISO bramata corn flour is not pre-cooked, but 100% genuine, therefore it requires cooking for at least 45 minutes in water (use 3.5 / 4 parts of water for one part of corn flour corn).

Net weight 1kg
Ingredients craved cornmeal
Use in the kitchen Polenta concia, polenta and vredure, polenta and stew, polenta and guinea fowl, polenta and braised meat, fried polenta, polenta and wild boar, polenta and gorgonzola, polenta and toma della valley, baked polenta, polenta and sausage, polenta and angus, polenta and milk
Cooking time 45 minutes with plenty of water (5 parts water and 1 part corn flour)
Made in Italy
Nutritional data CRAZED CORN FLOUR: Average values ​​per 100g of product: Calories: Kcal 360/1507Kj; Fat: 1.20g; Carbohydrates: 76 days of which sugars: 9g; Fiber: 0.80g; Protein:7.8g
Shelf life - Expiry 2 years in sealed packaging