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Wholemeal black rice pasta - Crespiriso wholemeal black rice fusilli 500g

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Transparent packaging, maximum product visibility, saves fragrance

Crespiriso wholemeal black rice penne 500g


It is a specialty that is made through the use of wholemeal black rice flour mixed with water, for this reason it takes on this completely natural dark colour... The wholemeal black rice specialty is an alternative source of carbohydrates to the wheat specialty traditional hard, it is the ideal food for a healthy, balanced diet, low in calories but full of flavour.
Genuine, easy and quick to cook, it goes with any seasoning and has a truly unique flavour. Try it...

The wholemeal black rice specialty is free of preservative agents, store in a cool, dry place before and after opening the package.

This specialty is produced according to artisanal processing techniques. We have THREE forms:

100% wholemeal black rice TAGLIOLINI in a 250g pack, COOKING TIME: 4 minutes

PENNE of wholemeal black rice in 500g pack, COOKING TIME: 4 minutes

FUSILLI of wholemeal black rice in a 500g pack, COOKING TIME: 4 minutes

Net weight 500g
Ingredients 80% rice flour, 20% wholemeal black rice flour, water
Use in the kitchen Ideal for dry pasta with Gorgonzola
Cooking time 4 minutes
Made in Italy
Region Piedmont
Height 15cm
Length 11cm
Depth 5cm
WARNINGS Produced in a factory that uses: EGGS, FISH, MOLLUSCS, DURUM WHEAT SEMOLINA, HAZELNUTS. Keep in a cool and dry place
Shelf life - Expiry 2 years in sealed packaging