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RICE FIRE OFFER 4 packs of LUNGO B ERMES ROSSO WHOLE CRESIPISO 1kg vacuum-packed rice [ONLY €4,498 per kg]

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Vacuum packed, long lasting, saves fragrance

ERMES wholemeal red rice

Ermes rice is an aromatic brown rice with an elongated grain and naturally brick red colour; it is rich in fibre, proteins and mineral salts, in particular Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese and Calcium. It is the ideal ingredient for creative cuisine: for particular risottos, appetizers, rice salads with cooked or raw vegetables, fish, cheeses, chicken and curry.

Net weight 1kg
Ingredients Ermes wholemeal red rice
Use in the kitchen ideal for "special risottos", salads and soups
Cooking time 32 minutes in a normal pot, 16 in a pressure cooker
Made in Italy
Region Piedmont
Nutritional data ERMES BROWN RICE Average values ​​per 100g: Calories: Kcal 328/1392Kj; Fat:1.4g of which saturated:0.2g; Carbohydrates:69.2g of which sugars:0.2g; Fiber:4.8g; Protein:7.4g; salt:0.004g ; Iron:0.9mg ; Calcium:5.8mg; Zinc:1.1mg; Manganese:2.2mg; Selenium:10µg
Height 20cm
Length 11cm
Depth 5cm