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Original Tondo Crespiriso Brown Rice 1kg vacuum package

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Original Round Brown Rice ready in just 30 minutes!! vacuum packaged, fragrance and long shelf life.

The Original Round Brown Rice

CRESPIRISO Original Brown Rice is obtained by simply delicately removing the husk (the outermost covering of the grain), this means that this "whole" rice maintains all the nutritional principles and fiber of the rice which, in part, are lost instead husking process that makes the grain white.

CRESPIRISO Original Brown Rice is a WHOLE rice rich in fiber and very easy to cook, it cooks in just 30 minutes of boiling in water; very tasty, it is the ideal rice for natural diets. Easily digestible, its grains are always well separated and al dente. It is very versatile in the kitchen for risottos, salads, timbales, soups... it can be mixed with spelled, barley, quinoa or black brown rice, or even with white Carnaroli rice; just cook each rice in a different pot, drain them and combine them in a single pot.

The rice is free of preservative agents, store in a cool, dry place before and after opening the package.

COOKING TIME: 30 minutes (in a normal pot)
15 minutes (in a pressure cooker)