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CRESPINERO crespiriso wholemeal black rice 1kg vacuum-packed

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Vacuum packed, long lasting, saves fragrance

CRESPINERO black rice


CRESPINERO, the natural ebony black rice, has a medium-sized semi-tapered grain. It is said that black rice originates from the Far East, and there, it was reserved only for the table of emperors as it was highly prized and appreciated for its nutritional properties. Today Crespinero is a 100% Italian black rice. Rich in fibre, its black color is due to the presence of natural black pigments: anthocyanins. This rice contains many mineral salts including: Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Manganese; also notable presence of vitamin B. With its natural aroma (similar to freshly baked bread) it enhances any seasoning, vegetables and side dishes; it is excellent simply seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and mature Parmigiano Reggiano or with creamy Gorgonzola or robiola cheese. It goes easily with fish, in particular with shellfish, also excellent with black or red caviar; or with oysters and Champagne or Prosecco di Valdobbiadene.

Also not to be forgotten is the possibility of using CRESPINERO black rice in your summer salads, alone or mixed with white and/or red rice (cooked separately) to give a touch of color to your table. Also in the preparation of sushi and sashimi as well as in the poke bowls which are very fashionable now.

Poke bowl is the fish salad originating from Hawaiian cuisine prepared by dicing (hence the trermine poke = cutting into cubes) fish, fruit and vegetables, with a base of boiled rice or quinoa. Barberry black rice and Ermes red rice are perfect for preparing your pokepo bowls even mixed together. Poke bowl is a fresh and tasty salad with proteins and carbohydrates.

IN THE COOKING: it is advisable to pour the rice into the pan directly together with the cold water, turn on the heat and bring to the boil, boil for approximately 35 minutes (from the moment it boils) and taste to adjust the desired cooking point; then drain the excess water and season to your taste.

Net weight 1kg
Ingredients Wholemeal black rice
Use in the kitchen ideal for "special risottos", salads and soups
Cooking time 45 minutes in a normal pot, 22 minutes in a pressure cooker
Made in Italy
Region Piedmont
Nutritional data WHOLE BLACK RICE Average values ​​per 100g: Calories: Kcal 310/1311Kj; Fat:2g of which saturated:0.3g; Carbohydrates:62.8g of which sugars:0.8g; Fiber:4.8g; Protein:7.7g; salt:0.006g ; Iron:1.2mg ; Calcium:5.6mg; Zinc:1.4mg; Manganese:3.5mg; Selenium:10µg
Height 20cm
Length 11cm
Depth 5cm