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Crespiriso wholemeal black rice cakes 100g snowflakes

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Wholemeal black rice cakes 100g Clouds of BLACK RICE

Clouds of wholemeal black rice

100% mini rice cakes, very thin (not like the classic round ones), light, crunchy and tasty, prepared only with wholemeal black rice, water and salt, gluten-free, 100% Italian, aroma and scent of wholemeal black rice. Excellent as a substitute for bread, an ideal snack for a mid-day snack or snack. They are produced only with simple and genuine ingredients: brown rice, water and salt. Also used in children's diets and in low-calorie and highly digestible diets.

Net weight 100g
Ingredients wholemeal and aromatic black rice
Use in the kitchen snacks, bread, bread substitute, gluten-free WHOLE WHOLE SNACK
Made in Italy
WARNINGS gluten free
Shelf life - Expiry 4 months