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Carnaroli rice crespiriso 5kg pack in natural cotton

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It was 1945, Carnaroli was born from the Vialone x Lencino genealogy.

It belongs to the superfine product group, japonica variety group, and has a very developed caryopsis (grain) in surface and depth.

Carnaroli is the typical pearled rice, characterized by the internal gem easily visible to the naked eye and responsible for its great resistance to cooking. During cooking, the external part of the grain absorbs the seasoning which softens the innermost starch, keeping it tasty and harmonious until cooked.

The CRESPIRISO Carnaroli rice is the main rice of the house with attention to every detail from the selection of the seed, to the sowing soil, to the various stages of development and is then harvested with every attention, dried at a low temperature and stored in silos for refining the caryopsis at 12 °C constant temperature without any chemical treatment.

Traditional stone bleaching takes place only after a fair and necessary period of maturing and refinement which allows the Carnaroli rice to express its best organoleptic qualities.

In the kitchen this variety makes a lot, greatly increasing the initial volume, thanks to its tenacious starch and making it very easy to remain al dente, then its excellent absorption capacity allows it to absorb aromas and condiments perfectly.

The traditional processing in individual small batches and its careful packaging make CARNAROLI CRESPIRISO rice a very tasty element for a dish reserved for an important occasion or just any day...

One of the best rices in the world for the preparation of risottos, but it also has great versatility which allows it to be used in rice salads, in typical Italian dishes where it enhances any flavour, for timbales, as boiled rice...

The rice is free of preservative agents, store in a cool, dry place before and after opening the package.

Origin of rice: Italy

Net weight 5kg
Ingredients Carnaroli rice
Nutritional data CARNAROLI RICE Average nutritional values ​​per 100g of product: Calories:350.34Kcal/1466.52Kj - ​​Fats:0.90g of which saturates:0.30g - Carbohydrates:78.30g of which sugars:0.5g - Fibre:0.70g - Proteins:7.26g - salt:0.002g - Moisture: approximately 12g - Ash:0.63g
Height 38
Length 28
Depth 10